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The Christmas show

Week 1

Week 1 (2)

The instilation project get out

Today was the get out for our instillation projects which meant we needed to remove all of the set and make the studio look empty again like how it was before. First, I grabbed the plug which was connected to the ECG machine for decoration that I wrapped up and taped secure. Then I removed the glow tape arrows off the floor and into the bin. Then I grabbed a bunch of glass alcohol bottles from another set which I put in a box and took to the prop store. In the prop store I put them on the bottom two shelves. Then I grabbed the remaining bottles which I also put in a box to move with them easier and I put them in the same place. I then grabbed a big mirror which I put back into the prop store but at first it wouldn’t fit into the mirror section, so I took all of the small mirrors off and I put the big mirror on the mirror the I put the small mirrors back on top. Then a pile of rubbish was made pile of was made which were all going into the skip like old props that we don’t have enough space to store, a purposely destroyed furniture piece for a set and decorative light weighted big rocks. I carried a handful of items to the skip and a couple of other people did too because the pile was big. Then I started to take apart our set, so I grabbed a crowbar to remove the wood on the side of the stage decks which were stapled and painted on. First, I struggled to remove the wood but then I realized that I needed to pull in the opposite direction instead of pushing with the crowbar. Then I held the flats as they were being taken apart by someone else with a drill. Then I went into my department for the Christmas show and my department is stage management for The Beauty and the Beast junior play. We needed an empty folder to have the script and other noted about the show in so I took paper out of a folder from an old show so we could use that folder. Then I got shown how to turn A3 into A4 paper with the printer which was done by scanning the A3 paper and then selecting A3 and print as A4. This printed off the cast list which showed which actor played what character. also, the main characters were played by two people, so I thought that halfway through the play the actors swap but show that it’s the character by their costume. Then stuck the cast list to the wall in design with blue tack. We needed to make wolf mask so cheap wolf skull masks were put on the table which were going to be painted to look like alive wolf masks. First, I counted the masks and then I counted how many wolf characters were on the cast list and both gave the number of 13 so we had exactly enough masks. Then I cut the tags off with scissors and I untied the elastic strings attached to the masks. The masks were going to be painted black and the teeth were going to painted with a thin brush, so I grabbed a brush which I used to paint the masks black. We didn’t want to paint the teeth so I left a gap unpainted since I had a big brush then I repeated this process and I painted more of the wolf masks.


Set being taken apart

Glow tape arrows I removed


1out of 2 box of bottles

Bottom bottle shelf

Big mirror returned to prop store

Small mirrors on big mirror



Before I used crowbar

After I use crowbar

Stage management paper work


Emptying paper from folder

Casting list ---->

Starting to paint Wolf masks

Wolf masks before painted

Some of the wolf masks I painted

Removed tags and elastic strings

Celebrating black history month

In the morning black history month was celebrated in the college which had dances, trying to recognize famous black people’s names by a picture, watching black people do stand up comedy from tv and some people performed on a raised stage deck with singing, dances and poems. I didn’t recognize many of the famous black people because I don’t know much celebrities or general knowledge information but I got help from friends, staff members and a documentary running in the background. The wolf masks needed to have the bottom painted black without getting paint on the teeth so I got a thin brush which I used to paint around the teeth and above the gap I left from when I used the big brush that would have painted the teeth. I repeated this with multiple of the masks. I also filled in spots that were not painted with the big brush. Most of the masks were wolf skull masks but the shop they were bought from ran out so we had 4 bird skull masks that another student cut the beak off s it looked more wolf like then those masks were painted black too.

Painting around wolf teeth

Before painted wolf mask

After painted wolf mask


Painted bird mask

Talking to a director of the play

Today we had a talk with one of the directors for the Beauty and the Beast play and she answered questions that our department had about props. We didn’t know what a sausage curl girl was and if it was a curly sausage wig or sausages to be sold and it was sausages to be sold. We also found out that Maurice’s invention needed to be handheld which has a lever on that can be removed and added on again. In a song it mentions antlers which we weren’t sure if was a needed prop and we didn’t need it. We also need plates, napkins, cutlery and bowls for the be our guest song. A throne is also needed for the Beast, and they want blocks and beer kegs to sit on, but they don’t wasn’t the beer kegs anymore after realizing how expensive they were. A bed for Belle was wanted but isn’t wanted anymore. We also need big branches with no leaves on for the actors to hold to be the forest. Then we went to the prop store where lots of props were grabbed out which included sausages, bread, rolling pin, wooden bowls, baskets, plastic buckets, lanterns, easter eggs, onions, plates, tray and cutlery. Then we carried all the props back which every person grabbed a handful so only one trip was needed to place everything into design. I carried a crate and a basket. Then I moved the easter eggs box onto the table and I picked out all of the small eggs which we were going to paint to look like realistic eggs to be sold by a villager. Then we got Styrofoam which and a wooden stick with a point on the end to stab the egg into and the stab the other end into the Styrofoam, so the eggs were easier to paint. The eggs were painted white by me and other students in the department but the bright coloured easter eggs were visible through the whit paint so when it dries another layer of white paint is needed. Then I grabbed a fake food prop box which was stored in design and I picked out all of the pies then I washed up all the brushes I used.


Questions and notes from another student

Grabbing lots from props store


<---- Props grabbed from the props store

Painting eggs


<---- Painted white eggs with visible colour 

Pies and brushes

Box of fake food props

Pies I picked out from box

Watching a dress rehearsal

Then I watched a dress rehearsal of the Beauty and the beast play and there was a raised circle stage deck in the centre. Up stage left was Belle’s bedroom and up stage right was the village tavern with a barn door entrance or exit also down stage right was the cottage the Belle and Maurice lived in. The actors had just got off book so they sometimes got confused on who’s line it was and all of the blocking wasn’t completed yet so this was a rough idea of what the play will be like. The main characters of the play were played by two people at the same time, so their movements and voice needed to be exactly in sync which was effective when it worked but confusing when it didn’t work because the voice had a couple seconds delay of the same character but this might get better as the actors learn their lines better instead of having one actor copying the other for their lines when they are same character. The story was like the film but there was no prison cart for Maurice and the crowd accuses him of being crazy when Belle was in the village, so she shows the magic mirror before he was thrown in prison like the movie. When the wolves appeared in the play the other actors followed holding something which I found out later are going to be tree branches. When they were miming props being used, they didn’t think about placing it down, so they just stopped miming it as if they dropped it which won’t work so we need some rehearsal props, so they get use to having props and how heavy they are. I can see the potential of this play to be entertaining and funny to watch.

Chairs and flowers

First, we moved chair from the auditorium in a cupboard to the studio where they were practicing because they didn’t have a good sense of space and the actors were moving where the audience would be. Then I looked through the fake flowers box in design to grab single roses for every actor to hold at the end, so I looked up online what a red rose like and then I looked through the two boxes which I found 21 roses. I also found the dead flowers I made for my set which could be used as the dying rose at the end because the rose dies overtime, so we need to make different types of dying roses. Then I grabbed the white paint and a brush, and I added another layer of white paint to the eggs. Then I got brown paint and I painted some of the eggs that still had the colour underneath visible brown. Then I painted some of the eggs a light brown. And then I added another white paint layer onto the dried painted white eggs. The eggs are going into a basket with hay on top then I painted two long Styrofoam pieces brown the will be underneath the hay in the basket. Then I started to make an old village bucket which I was going to make by painted cheap plastic buckets brown. For the paint to stick to the 2 buckets I first had to use sandpaper on them to remove the shine from them. So, I moved the sandpaper around the inside and outside of the bucket with a bit of force. Then I painted the 2 orange buckets brown, but another layer is going to be needed because the orange can be seen.


Image found online of red roses 

21 roses grabbed out

Grabbed dead roses

Painting eggs white and brown


White painted eggs

Brown painted eggs

Light brown painted eggs


One of the painted styrofoam pieces

Basket with hay inside for eggs when paint dried

Painting two bucket

Buckets before sanded and painted


Buckets after sanded and painted

Painted inside of bucket


The props list


Weekly evaluation 1

This week I have helped with the get out for the instillation project, emptied paper from a folder, got cast list printed to A4 paper size, painted wolf masks black, talked to a director of the paly to answer questions, watched a rehearsal of the play, grabbed props from the props which were sausages, bread, rolling pin, wooden bowls, baskets, plastic buckets, lanterns, easter eggs, onions, plates, tray and cutlery, painted eggs white, brown and light brown, grabbed pies, chairs, roses and dead flowers and I started to make an old village bucket. This week I solved the problem of the bright easter eggs colours showing when the eggs were painted white, I solved this by waiting for them to dry and then painting another layer of white onto it. Then once that dried, I painted another layer of white on. Some of the eggs were white while some of the eggs still had the visible easter egg colours underneath so they were painted brown or light brown, this problem needed patients and was done over a long period of time which I ad to do other things while I waited for them to dry. I learned the skill painting better by not putting too much paint on my brush because it would get on my hand and the brush handle. The skill of painting props is very useful for fake food, buckets, tavern mugs, stage boxes, trumpets and many more different props. I have improved on knowledge of the Beauty and the Beast show by watching a rehearsal. Even though they just went off book and a lot hadn’t been blocked it gave me a good of what the show was. The main characters being played by two actors was unexpected but once they are in sync with each other with more practice it will be very effective so that both sides of the traverse audience can watch a main character. It’s also useful to know when and how the props are going to be used. I cam improve on making my old wooden bucket by adding another layer of brown paint to it so that the orange can’t be seen and if it’s still seen with the added layer then I paint another layer onto it. I can also add some detail to improve the bucket when the brown paint dries. I don’t think this prop will be used as a rehearsal prop, but it would be good to cross it off the props list as done. I also set the goal of finishing my eggs because they are painted and just need to go into the basket with Styrofoam and hay. This week I researched an image of a red rose, so I knew what one looked like and then I looked for as many red roses as possible in the flower boxes. I researched black caps, baguettes, bread, eggs and fish props to buy which was done at the beginning of this week which I forgot to write down. The delivery prices were more expensive than the actual product being sold especially with the black caps some were 99p with £10 delivery. The black caps were found in a box by another student, so none needed to be bought. The baguettes and bread were either cheap not realistic looking kids toys or really expensive with delivery price. I found a few egg packs on amazon, but they had bad reviews for being not realistic enough to or there were too expensive. The fish is going to made by another student because they were too small or too expensive.

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