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Week 2

The egg basket

Today I got the brown painted Styrofoam that I painted earlier, and I attached two long strips of double sided sticky tape to both of them that I stuck to a basket that the eggs were going in. Then I added hay to the basket and then I grabbed an egg which I stuck a cocktail stick in, and I stuck the other side to the Styrofoam hidden underneath the hay. This was done to make sure that the hay and eggs don’t fall out the basket. I continued to attach the eggs to the Styrofoam making sure to have a mixture of the white, brown and light eggs in the basket. Then I started to make a pile of cut up wagyu beef which was going to in a pile then I got given balls of air-drying clay which I hot glued into a pile on a small flat thin cardboard surface. When I was hot gluing them together, I ran out of air drying clay balls and there was a big hole in the centre so I needed to make more. So, I got some air drying clay and I made lots of small cubes which I had to wait for them to harden before I could hot glue them to the pile. Next, I got set the task to hot glue the grey stuff to a fake biscuit and there was a lot to hot glue because they needed to go on a tray fill up. I hot glued around the bottom edge of the grey stuff and not in the middle because it swirled upwards, and it was hollow so it wouldn’t reach the biscuit from the bottom middle. I also had to glue the grey stuff to the right side of the biscuit because one side had multiple shadings of paint on, and the other side had one colour painted on with patches not painted and I needed to stick them to the side with the patches. Then I looked online for black or grey fake fur fabric for the wolf masks which I first looked at fabric land, but it was £18.99 per metre which was too expensive so then I looked on amazon which was £14.23 per metre and then the tutor ordered 5 metres of it which was £74. Then a beanie was grabbed from a box, and I needed to sew a wolf mask onto it because it was easier and faster to put on than a mask with an elastic string. I sewed the mask to the beanie by the ears, so I threaded the needle, and I tied a knot to the end which I struggled with a bit then I went through the back, and I sewed over half of the ear roughly 10 times then I secured the end, and I repeated that 3 more times. At one point I forgot to move the needle through to the other side and I went over but it was only a prototype to show the idea and it was hard to black thread on the black beanie and black wolf mask. Then some else sewed long stripes of fake fur and fabric onto the back of the beanie.


<---- Double sided sticky tape on Styrofoam bottom

Styrofoam in basket

Cocktail stick in egg

Finished egg basket

Wagyu beef


pile clay balls ran out

<---- Air drying clay used

<---- Air drying clay cubes I made

Hot gluing grey stuff


    +                                          =


<---- Tray with Grey stuff hot glued on

Wolf mask sewing

Fabric land fur

Amazon fur

Wolf mask I sewed on to beanie


Close up image of my sewing

Napkins and waygu beef

First, I got set the task to look through the flags and bunting box and tablecloth box to pick out napkins and I found 5 napkins, so some got ordered online. Then I hot glued my wagyu beef cubes to the pile of airdrying wagyu beef balls. Then there was a mark up in the studio to measure and put tape on the floor where the set is going to be this helps to actors realize how much room they have and help them get use to the set layout also it helps construction too by marking out where they place the stage decks and other things like stairs. First me and another person had a tape measure and we measured 5ft off the wall down the room and we marked it with tape. Then I moved the tape from back to the front of the room in a line using the small bits of tape we marked to make sure it was 5ft off the wall. Then a 4ft tape line was marked in the centre of the room and a circle was marked on the floor around it. The circle was made by using a 4ft long piece of string with a pencil tied to the end and a person held the string in the middle while another person moved the pencil in a circle as a person follows the pencil with the tape while another person holds down the tape to the floor so 4 people were needed to make the circle of tape on the floor. Then I went back into design where I painted a carved out Styrofoam piece of raw meat for the butchers so I painted the top and sides a raw meat colour. When it dried then painted the bottom and then I got shown a picture that had the cream coloured fat on raw meat so I painted a side a cream colour to look like the fat. Then I got given a sewn up chain of prop sausages from the prop store and I used the same red raw meat colour and I used the corner of a sponge to add more realistic detail to the sausages. This took a while to do because I couldn’t have too much paint on the sponge other wise big blobs appeared on the sausages and I kept on needing to dip the corner in paint.


The napkins (one of them was a curtain that was put back)

Wagyu beef cubes added to pile

The mark up


<---- The mark up

Painting raw meat and sausages

Raw meat

Before painted


After painted


After fat painted on



Before painted


After painted


The whole sausage chain painted


Finishing my dead flowers

Today I continued to make my dead flowers which I ended up making 3 more dead flowers, so I had 4 dead flowers. Then I made the leaves and stem black too with the styroform which was used like a sponge. Then I started to make 4 dying which, so I made half of the petals black, and I left some of the red to show also I left the leaves and stem. I also had 4 alive red roses which I didn’t do anything to them. Then I me and a group of students carried in the props for people selling items and food for the be our guest song. The actors were then told to only touch your prop that is yours and when you are using it, so it has a lower chance to break. One person that sold meat had a basket with raw meat, porkchops and sausages in but a different character has the sausages which made the basket looked empty, so we need something else made to go inside. We also found out about some sellers that we didn’t know about before which they were going to sell fruit, hats, books and fabric which was added to our props list. Then I went the prop store where I searched for weapons for the village mob to carry which were household item and I found an axe, a carpet duster, an oversized frying pan and a rolling pin. Then I got a basket, a tray, a crate, fake fruit, a bag, a stuffed snow tiger toy and a big American flagpole. The play is set in France in the 16th century so most of the fruit we have now wouldn’t have been grown or sent over from other countries, so we decided to order some more fake fruit. Also, a French flag was going to ordered online to replace the American flag. Then me and another person carried the props back to design and then the household weapons were given to the actors to practice with. Then I put the snow tiger into the bag, and I tied a sting around it to be a hunting bag with a dead deer in which isn’t removed from the bag, but we needed something the right weight and size to go into the bag. Then I looked online for fake apples for the fruit seller which I found on amazon for £12.60 that was a pack of 8 with good reviews saying that they looked realistic. Then I looked up images of 16th century French hats and most of them were black with a feather on them. Then I grabbed the basket and I put Styrofoam in the bottom with a white piece of fabric over the top and then I put the candle that everyone made when were getting introduced to prop making. Then I looked in the hats box in design and a few hats were pulled out and then I found a box labeled “napkins” which we needed but there were white tablecloths inside and I only found 1 napkin inside of the box. Then a pack of feathers were grabbed to attach to the hats next week.


Dying flower


Moving props to rehearsals

Props table in the studio where actors practice

Gathering props from the props store


Research, hats and napkins

Some props gathered from the prop store

Fake apples

16th century French hat images found online


Weekly evaluation 2

This week I have made an egg basket, made wagyu beef, hot glued grey stuff together, sewed a prototype wolf mask to a beanie, grabbed napkins, did a markup in the studio, painted sausages and raw meat, researches the original Beauty and Beast story, grabbed branches from outside, started to make the dead roses and half dead roses, moved props into the studio, got props from the prop store, put a snow tiger in a bad to be hunted dead deer and I researched 16th century French hats. This week I solved the problem of having no wagyu beef. I solved this by making it with air drying clay, hot glue, fabric, paint and a plate. Making this took a while because I waited for the air drying clay and the paint to dry which both took a day to dry. Researching wagyu beef was very helpful to visualize the colour to find a paint that matched. When making wagyu beef I learned the skill of being better by using air drying clay which is very useful when making any small, detailed prop. I have improved on my knowledge of the original Beauty and the Beast story researching it which I learned that it has a different story and the girl that fall in love with the Beast is called Beauty in the original story but in the modern Disney version the girl is called Belle. Belle is an only child with a dad called Marice who was an inventor but in the original Beauty has a dad who is a Merchant with no mentioned name which has 12 children that are 6 male and 6 female. I can improve on my researching skills and more specifically finding props online to buy, and I know to look at the delivery time and price also I know to not buy the first thing I see because there could be the same thing for cheaper with better quality. I have researched fabric to buy for the wolf mask attached to the beanie. I first looked at Fabric land which was too expensive, so I then looked on Amazon which had cheaper fabric because there was less of it. I also researched an image of wagyu beef, so I knew what colour to paint the air drying clay. After looking at the brief I researched the original story of the Beauty and the Beast which I wrote about above in this weekly evaluation. On amazon I looked at fake apples for the fruit seller which were bought. I also researched 16th century French hats for the hat seller.

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