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Week 5

Helping lighting

Today the lights were being focused for the day, so I was in the auditorium helping since there were no more props to make. Fairy lights were being taped to stair railings with LX tape and I held the light wire as a student in the lighting department taped it down. The lights were taped down to look like icicles in line with the railing bar. Then I moved a drill a two hammers from on the stage deck near the stairs to the portable workshop out the way. Then I became a walker which is a person that stands where they are told in the light while the intelligent lights were being decided with the play director and focused. I stood still in a corner where a narrator enters from which was a scene with a narrator entering from each corner with the Prince centre stage on the circle stage deck. Then I grabbed a couple pairs of scissors to use with glow tape that me and some others started to use on the stairs. So, I peeled off the back to get the sticky back and then I cut bits of the glow tape off the put on the steps that allow you to go onto the deck while the others were glow taping the bigger stairs that helped tape fair light to. Then I moved Belle’s chair from the centre to in a corner out of the way. Then I needed to separate the beads into groups of 45 which was the number of beads to go on one piece of string. So, I grabbed the box of beads from the workshop to design where I started to separate them in groups of 45 in plastic cups and when I ran out of plastic cups, I used plastic boxes which I only had four of, so I then Put them into zip lock bags. When I ran out of Beads in the box, I only had 37 lots of 45 beads, and they needed 96 which they knew they had enough from me and another person counting all the beads. Then I found a bucket and a bowl full of beads which I started to separate into groups of 45 in the zip lock bags which I ran out of. Then I put all the cups, boxes and zip locked bags into a box that I carried into the workshop for construction to use on the chandelier and once the containers are emptied from the beads being used, I’ll separate the beads into groups of 45 again.


Stairs I helped taped

Drill and hammers moved to portable workshop

Glow taping stairs

Stairs I glow taped

Counting beads

Box of beads I seperated

Box of beads into groups of 45 


Groups of 45 packed in box 

Grabbing and painting a wooden circle

Today I was going to paint a wooden circle which a deer head is going to be stuck onto then the circle is going to be stuck onto the tavern wall. So, I went to the prop store, and I grabbed a blue wooden circle that said “little dreamer” on it, and I painted the top and sides brown. When I painted all of it the blue could be seen from parts of it, so I cling filmed the brush and paint pot to use later when it dries. A while later I then added another layer on paint onto the circle which made it look better. Then I moved the tree branches into the auditorium for the lighting focus and testing the glow in the dark which didn’t work very well so it was spray painted white which made it glow more and then I went on a laptop to do a quiz about digital e safety and prevent After that I got some glow tape and scissors and I cut small strips around the edge of the circle stage decks. First, I didn’t leave a big enough gap between each piece, but I then moved the pieces to have a bigger gap. Then we moved the tree branches from the auditorium back into the bin where it was stored but the actors needed branches from both stage entrances which we didn’t have another bin for, so we looked around in the workshop and then we were about to open the prop store to look for one and we found an empty upside bin in between the prop store and costumes that was moved outside near the other bin. Then I counted the tree branches and we split the thin and thick branches equally into the two bins that was then moved by someone else further down the corridor while I held open the door and made sure the branches didn’t knock anything over. Then someone in construction wanted the rest of the beads that was in design in a bucket and a bowl, so I carried the bucket while the other person carried the bowl. Then I got told that we needed to organize the beads by size which I wasn’t told when I began to separate them in groups of 45 so we emptied them into the buckets again. There were three sizes small, medium and large which the small had not that many and the largest had lots with two types of beads a ball and a crystal pointed edges large bead so apart from the ball medium and large ball beads they were easy to tell what size they were. They were separated into 3 different boxes, and I sat on the floor next to them to make it easier. Then it was the end of the day and the paint on the wooden circle didn’t dry to paint the back so I went to wash my brush but the water had been turned off in the workshop and I couldn’t wash it in the kitchen so I cling film the brush again hoping it wouldn’t dry over night.


Before painted

1st layer of paint

2nd layer of paint 

Glow tape and online quizzes


Moved in tree branches

Glow around the stage deck

Getting a 2nd tree branch bin


1st bin with less branches

New 2nd bin of branches

Sorting beads by size


<---- Large beads

<---- Medium beads

<---- small beads

Beads organized by size

The end of the day

Deer head and glow tape

Today I started a bit earlier than usual and I saw the deer head with the wooden circle and wooden Sven sign I painted on the tavern wall. Then I activated the glow tape behind the backdrop by putting a torch up to every individual piece of glow tape for roughly 10 seconds then I activated the tape behind the cottage and tavern set pieces. Then the actors were rehearsing with it stopping and starting for lighting and sound and I was sitting near the props table to make sure that they were put back in the correct place and if an actor was rushing off stage to go back on to give their prop to me to put back. Before it started the actors needed to have their microphones attached by people in lighting and sound, but the actors didn’t know where that was happening which I didn’t know but last Christmas show it was in the studio, so I said in the studio I think which was correct, but they did vocal warm up first. Then I counted the roses to make sure there were 4 alive, 4 half dead and 4 fully dead flowers and then I checked if everything was in the correct place with nothing missing which there wasn’t. Then I folded up fabric that wasn’t folded very well and then I moved the sausages and fabric that were underneath the table closer to the wall because someone could of fell over them like I almost did with the fabric. Then I made the candles that we made in the candle basket stand up. Then the fire alarm went off because it wasn’t in rehearsal mode, so the haze set it off so everyone in the miskin building had to leave the building and go outside but after the alarm stopped, we back in and the rehearsal started. Everything went well in the rehearsal and at one pint some of the petals were dropped that I put back into the box but apart from that it went well. Then I went into construction to help attach the beads to the fibre string that was attached the chandelier. So, me and a couple of other people from construction sat down on the floor with a bit of string and the 3 different sized bead boxes in the middle with a glove on to not get the fibre end stuck into your hand because it burns like a splinter that has no way to come out. I first counted 30 large beads that I slid onto the end and then I slid on 15 medium bead which some of the hole didn’t fit through the string, so they were put a separate pile to drill a bigger hole into and then I slid on 7 small bead and the final bead was attached by hot gluing around the string and then sliding it on. Then I repeated this for many strings with other people and we ended up doing just over half the beads that took the entire afternoon and an hour more than I would normally stay.


Deer head with circle and sign

Examples of places I activated glow tape

Watching the props table and a fire alarm


The props table with props near it

Fabric I folded

Candles I made stand up in basket

Attaching beads to the chandelier

The glove I wore


Beads at the string start

Beads at the string end

The chandelier with just over half the beads done

Glow tape and watching the Beast cast

Today I was the watching the beast cast actors rehearse certain scenes to get the lighting and sound correctly set up but first I activated the glow tape behind the backdrop. Then the first scene that was run was when Maurice entered the palace with the welcoming objects like Lumiere and then the beast found out that a stranger had trespassed into his palace. One prop used was a blanket which pre set on the top stair that was grabbed and put on Maurice which in a later scene the beast grabs it from him, and he throws it on the stage deck then after a bit on dialogue on the stage deck he picks up the blanket that he then throws to Maurice that he walks off stage with. All of the scenes had to be multiple times for lighting and sound and once he forgot to pick up the blanket and throw it to Maurice. Then sound added a voice changer to the Beast’s microphone which made his voice lower pitched and rougher like a beast which made it scarier creating effective roars and his dialogue was ominous from it too. There were two things that the beast had to aware of with his voice which was not to talk too quickly and to not talk directly to another actor because their voice would be picked up on his voice changer, so he had to look over his shoulder. Also, Cog worth’s hat kept on falling off so it might to be attached with hair pins and there was already a strap on their chin. Then the sound and lighting plotting was continued with the beauty cast from the scene where the Beast puts Maurice in the prison cell and Belle offers to take his place instead. After that scene was plotted, they did the scene where Belle was shown to her room and after she sang a song, she talked to the wardrobe who was acted by two people, Mrs. Potts and chip. The wardrobe characters had a piece of fabric each that was given to the other actors to wear as a scarf which was then given back to them at the end of the dialogue but one of the fabric pieces kept on shedding feathers onto the floor, so it was swapped to a different bit of fabric. After their dialogue Belle is comforted by the other characters and then the 4 narrators enter holding a half dead rose each that they give to Belle. Then a scene set in the tavern was rehearsed that had everyone singing about how great Gaston which has girls that are madly comically in love with Gaston. This song has good choreography, but Gaston’s choreography had changed when I wasn’t there because he stood on top of a stage box on the stage deck, and he got thrown the axe by LeFou but it was thrown back in a way to keep the focus on Gaston. Before the two characters stood opposite each other and they threw in with exaggerated movement. He also got lifted up by the actors who were circling him. Then a short scene was run between Belle and LeFou from the Beast cast which had LeFou wearing Maurice’s scarf that he found in the woods. I like both acting casts for different reasons because in the Beast cast, I like the acting of Lumiere and Cogs worth but in the Beauty cast I like Belle’s and LeFou’s acting.


One of the areas I activated glow tape

Beast cast Lumiere, Cogsworth, Maurice and narrators rehearsing

Beast voice changer


Beast in light with voice changer on

Swapping to the Beauty cast


Belle with half dead flowers

The tavern scene and a short scene

Gaston being lifted in the tavern

Short scarf scene with Belle and LeFou 

Weekly evaluation 5

This week I helped tape stairs, stood where a light was being plotted, glow taped stairs, started to group beads by 45, painted brown circle for deer head, moved tree branches, glow taped stage deck, made 2 bins for the tree branches, sorted beads by size, activated glow ape with torch, started rehearsals, made sure props in correct place on props table, added beads to fiber string to finish chandelier, watched rehearsal and I learned about the Beast’s voice changer. I learned the skill of doing jobs which take a while to do that aren’t very exciting, I did this when I started to separate the beads by 45 before realizing that it was wrong so then me and some others separated the beads by size that took a while to do which wasn’t too boring because we were talking while doing it. Then I helped put 30 large beads, 15 medium beads and 7 small beads onto each piece of fiber string. This skill is very useful because I don’t know what props I’ll make on future shows, but it will be unexpected and time to make like the dead flowers I made for my instillation project which needed many layers of paint on them. I have improved on my knowledge on the show by watching the rehearsals as the lighting and sound queues are getting sorted out with scenes being re-run and slowly going through the script. I also now know which cast is the Beauty or the Beast cast. The set, lights and sound make a huge difference which is better than the first rehearsal I saw when both casts were acting at out being barely off book. I can improve on my knowledge of what I’m doing during the show because at the moment I know that I need to activate the glow tape, pre set some props and check if we have all the props from a check list but there will be more things to do like the last year Christmas show which we moved a car outside around the building to another stage door and holding a box for tankards and cigars to go in while donkey ears are getting put on behind a curtain on stage.

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