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Week 6

Glow tape and rehearsals

In the morning I activated all the glow tape behind the tavern, cottage and backdrop which didn’t get any light. Then rehearsals started which was a song sung between Gaston and LeFou which then lead into the scene when the Beast calls Belle to go to dinner and she doesn’t. Just before the Beast calls Belle for dinner a clock makes a bong sound a couple of times which other characters exaggerate a reaction, and the sound was queued to happen after the Beast paces for the 4th time on the stage. Then the Be our guest song was being practiced which had a table cloth and food put on the stage as if it was a giant table with a chair for Belle. Then I left the auditorium and I moved all of the food props needed for Be our Guest and I lined them up on the floor near the entrance to the auditorium. Then I watched how the table cloth was going to be given the actors because I do this on one of the shows because the person supposed to it won’t be in for one of the shows so I watched and I learned that the table cloth needed to be folded a certain way by 2 people from stage management that then held two corners each near the entrance to the auditorium and then two actors grabbed two corners each and when they are acting they give a corner to another actor to put the table cloth on the stage deck easier and then the actors take it off and the end of the song. Then I folded the table cloth and held 2 of the corners and then I gave them to the character Bobette who gives a corner to a character called Chip. Also, the other person in stage management who helped me kept open the door as the actors entered and exited. After this scene was done a couple of times we moved on to the next scene and the jelly had de-attached to the plate and a bit of the Fish’s Styrofoam tail fell off which both need to be fixed. Then the scene that had Belle given a tour of the castle by Lumiere and Clocksworth was practiced which led into the bit where Belle entered the forbidden west wing which had the withering rose that scared the Beast, so he told he got angry which scared Belle, so she ran away into the woods. After that scene was rehearsed a few times the woods scene was run which had actors holding the tree branches circling the stage deck with the wolves, Belle and the Beast who entered in the scene later to save Belle. Then I got told that there were more spray painted tree branches in design that weren’t being used so I grabbed them from design, and I was about to put the into the bins when an actor asked if she could take one to use because there wasn’t enough tree branches so I allowed her to use it and I then put the others I had left in my hand into the bins. Then that scene was rehearsed a bit more.


Finished rigged chandelier

Gaston and LeFou song

Be Our Guest food and table cloth


Food props in line for song

Auditorium entrance where I hold table cloth

Rehearsals and tree branches

Table cloth on stage deck without food on

Spray painting tree branches

Today I was spray painting the trees white to give them a second layer or to add a first layer. So, me and couple of other people moved branches from the bin where it was stored to the back of the workshop outside which was done in multiple trips. Then I grabbed a face mask, a dust sheet and a white spray paint can but I ended up grabbing one that had a broken nozzle, so I tried looking in the flammables cupboard for another one but the only other white spray paint had something to do with chalk that we didn’t want. Then I got given a spray can from someone who wasn’t using it anymore. Then I shook the can, made sure it was facing towards the tree branch and not at me then I started to spray the tree branch. I found pressing down the button to release the paint hard because I’m not very strong and after a couple of tree branches, I found it easier when the can wasn’t aimed diagonally down. Then we left them to dry outside. Then I watched rehearsals which was a song sang by the objects in the castle played by actors called human again which had Belle and the Beast miming off to the side. Then Belle asked the Beast to have dinner with her which he said yes and then there was an improvised chaotic scene with the objects where they prepared for the dinner like dusting the table. During the improvised scene Belle and the Beast were doing quick changes into fancy clothes. Belle went from wearing a blue dress to a yellow dress and the beast had some of his fur removed and he wore a blue fancy outfit with buttons. Then Belle and the Beast danced as a disco ball spun with lights reflecting off of it. Then we swapped to the Beast cast and I then moved the dry newly spray painted tree branches back into the bins. Then I continued to watch rehearsals which continued from the end of the dance between Belle and the Beast then Belle talks about missing her father, so the Beast lets her look in the magic mirror and she saw her father lost in the woods, so the Beast let her go from being a prisoner. Then Belle was in her cottage with her father, and she told him that the Beast was kind then Gaston and a mob of people come to take away Belle’s father because they don’t believe him about the Beast then Belle show them the Beast in the magic mirror that then makes them believe that the Beast is real but needs to die. The mob had the house old 16th century weapons like the carpet beater and an axe also LeFou had the big flag of France in the 16th century which was white with lots of yellow stars. When a scene was just started after the lights were plotted a smash was heard and the glass shattered from a source 4 light which I think happened from over heating then another one was put up by some one else while I continued to watch the rehearsals.


Mask I wore while spray painting

Spray painted tree branches

A rehearsal quick change for dinner


Belle and Beast dance scene in different costumes

Continuing to watch the rehearsals

Belle showing the Beast on the magic mirror to the mob


A dress rehearsal 

Today we had our last dress rehearsal in the so in preparation I activated the glow tape be Then the behind the cottage, tavern and backdrop. Then me and some others moved the chairs off of the stage deck so it could be painted black in lunch by construction. In the dress rehearsal I was standing near the stage right double doors, and I opened and closed the doors for the actors. I was there to makes sure the door doesn’t slam and to try keeping the door closed when possible so light can’t be seen coming into the auditorium from an audience member’s view. When I was holding the door open for a big group of actors exiting, they try to push the door closed when actors are still behind them, so I had to keep on nearly closing it then opening it again. When the mob left the stage scared after loosing a fight with the cursed humans that are objects the actors slam open the door other part of the double door which wasn’t meant to opened then an actor held open the wrong door while some people were leaving through the correct door so there was a loud slam, lots of light was escaping and it was out of my control. Also, the actors talked lots while waiting to enter and after being told to be quiet they weren’t so the actor’s cue line to enter couldn’t be heard so they opened the door slightly letting light escape and they didn’t let an actor who needed to be stage. Then me and another student checked if every prop was there and in the correct place which was done by a person calling out the prop from a list then I look for and I say yes or no depending on if it’s there or not. Also, some of the props which there were more than one that were identical had to be counted every time like the 13 wolf masks and 20 electric candles which I had to check the batteries work in all of them too. When the dress rehearsal ended, I found out that the snow machine didn’t work, and it let out all the fake snow at once instead of gradually. Also, there were lots of small twigs on the foyer floor from being snapped off the tree branches which I picked up the big twigs and the I hoovered them up. Then I grabbed two handfuls of bamboo sticks from design which were the practice tree branches props and I moved them into the props store.


Stage door I opened and closed

Checking the props


The Checklist of props

After the dress rehearsal

The hoover used for twigs from tree branches


Bamboo sticks I put back


A dress rehearsal

Today there was a dress rehearsal which I was getting prepared for, and I was given zip ties to attach the audience chairs together which was done underneath the chairs where the metal bar was. Then I was on the doors for the dress rehearsal which I found easier because some of the actors told me when to open the door by a hand gesture or whisper. Then there was a show performance which had a primary school trip class in the audience where I was on the doors and an actor dropped the egg basket and a couple of the eggs fell out, so I grabbed the loose ones then they entered with the eggs. Later one of the actors left to give me a champagne glass prop and then they went back onto the stage. Also, at a different part of the show a necklace wasn’t put on in time, so it was given to me which I put in my pocket until the end of the show when I left it on the props table Also after the mob ran away scared, they still slammed open the wrong door. Most of the show went well which was good. After the show ended, I picked up the rose petals that were thrown by the actors during the show that I picked up by hand then I got a broom and I swept up some of the fake snow from in between the seats. Then I footed someone from construction on a ladder who was adding fairy lights to the chandelier. The show went on for another week which I was on the doors for and sometimes I activated the glow tape before the show.


Zip tied chairs for all of them

The show performance

After the show


Rose petals I grabbed and put in box

Ladder I was footing

Overall evaluation

On the first week of making props for the Beauty and the Beast Show I watched a full run through of the play from the actors when they had just gone off book and some parts weren’t blocked yet, so they improvised but when practicing both casts did at the same time, so the two main characters had to be exactly in synch with each other’s movement and voice but when they were 1 second off it looked really bad. I thought they were going to perform it with two of the actors as the main characters, but they weren’t. I didn’t know the story very well, but I knew the play story a lot more when I watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action film. I knew that the play was going to be good, but I was a bit shocked when I found it was only 1 hour and 15 minutes long because the last Christmas show I did as a level 2 was double the length with an interval in between. My role was an ASM which stands for an assistant stage manager and my responsibilities were to make, find online or find in the prop store for the show, put down the glow tape, activate the glow tape, stand next the door during shows to open and close it, checking if all the props are there and in the correct place and making sure the candles work and have enough batteries. I made the wolf masks, the egg basket, 4 half dead roses, 4 dead roses, wagyu beef, raw meat, sausages, fruit basket, green beans, crate for books, glow in the dark tree branches, back of deer head wood piece and the Sven sign. I also helped with other things like painting cogs and organizing beads then putting them onto the chandelier. Also, I grabbed many props from the prop store like the dead hunted deer in a bag and the mob weapons which had to be common 16th century France weapons. During the show I activated the glow tape, and I checked if all the props were there and in the correct place the during the show I would Open and close the stage door for the actors so that the door didn’t make a loud slam and to make sure the door was closed when possible because the audience can see a bright light when the door opened. Holding the door open for the actors was also important for when then were entering or leaving in big groups and the actors sometimes ran on stage that I held the door open for also when Lumiere and Clocksworth are giving Belle a tour of the palace they quickly leave off a door then enter from another door as while having a conversation as if they toured the palace, I hold the door open. I enjoyed watching the live action Beauty and the Beast film made by Disney because I learned more about the Christmas show because at the time, I didn’t know the proper story Apart from a couple of slow-paced songs. I also made a list of the locations and props used in the film to give me a good idea of the play. I also knew that the play would be shorter than the film and faster paced because it’s aimed at kids. Before I watched the film I didn’t know that the human prince was turned into a Beast I thought he was a Beast that turned into a human. What I found challenging was when my website wouldn’t load which I didn’t know why it was doing it so I couldn’t do coursework unless I was on a school computer, and I eventually found the problem which was that I had everything on 1 page, so the instillation project and Christmas show was trying to load at once with pictures. I fixed the loading issue by borrowing a more powerful laptop at home and then I saved a week by the sections then I created a new section and I put in the week and hen I deleted it from the home bit that had all of it on one page. This took a while to do that was just repeating, the same thing over and over again. I researched many different things like trying to find a specific prop online, researching specifics about a prop like the time period and researching more about the Beauty and Beast play, cartoon, live action and original story. I researched many fake foods that included the grapes, apples, fish, raw meat, baguettes and eggs. When I was researching the baguettes, they were really expensive or a not realistic children’s toy and a lot of the time the postage costed more that the actual prop. I found fake grapes and apples easily on amazon. I’ve also researched some tassels for the curtains which was £14.99 for a small white tassel on Dunelm but £18.99 on amazon for two that were bigger with colour options that were ordered. Some things I researched helped me with making props for example the fake turkey prop on a giant plate looked a bit plain, so I looked up images online of a turkey dinner and there were herbs, berries and green beans on the plate with the turkeys, so I decided to make some green beans for the turkey from air drying clay. I researched more information about the Beauty and the Beast play because I didn’t know much about it, so I watched the live action film which gave me a lot more knowledge about the story. I developed as a technician by improving my knowledge about making a varied amount of different props. I improved on my sewing from practice and sewing the wolf masks with other people in my department which is a useful skill to know in case a costume or fabric prop breaks during a show and it needs to be fixed quickly. I also helped the new first years technical theatre students by answering questions they had about the show before it happened and where certain things were. I have also become more confident in my skills and ability to do certain tasks and I talk more often. I also learnt how to work in a group better from the instillation project and as a department for the Christmas show. What went well was the communication between stage management and the play director because after we read the script, we made a list of questions that were answered as we managed to talk to the director in the same day. All of the props overall went well because none of them broke apart from a candle’s battery being changed once and not many props were added onto the props list apart from bowls, plates, cutlery and napkins which were all easily grabbed from storage in the college. The show also went really well. What didn’t go well was the rehearsals because the actors talked in the corridor and the cue lines for them to enter the stage were missed then the started the hold open the doors slightly to watch what was happening during the rehearsal that let light out and blocked other actors behind from entering so then they still missed their cue line to enter. That problem was sorted out by the actors before a show was performed which was lucky. Also, after a certain moment in the pay the stage doors swung open with a loud slam, letting the light in and one of the doors in the double doors wasn’t supposed to be opened which I told others about that was never solved and kept on happening. I worked with a team when the props were being made because when the wolf masks were being made, I sewed the fabric to the elastic strips while others cut the fabric or glue the fabric to the beanie or sew the elastic to the beanie or sew the wolf mask to the beanie. It became more efficient and quicker to make the wolf masks when each person had a specific role in making the wolf masks and it was made like a production line so after you did your bit given from another person you do your bit and then give it to the next person. I also worked as a team when the mark up was being done in the studio for the actors to practice with. In the mark up two people held the measuring tape and I put the tape onto the floor while another person pushed the tape down on the floor while I put it down. I worked with the construction department when I was helping them make the chandelier because I counted the bead one by one with help from another person and then they worked out how many beads would go on each fiber string piece and each string piece needed to have a hole drilled into the wooden frame. I also sat down with people from construction in the workshop organizing all the beads by the size of small, medium and lager which took a while to do since there was 4304 beads. Then we all put a certain amount of each sized bead onto a fiber string that was hot glued at the end. I was repeatedly putting 30 large beads then 17 medium beads and then 7 small beads onto each fiber string piece. I also helped lighting by being walker when the lights were being focused and I helped tape the fairy lights to the staircase’s handrail with someone in lighting and sound. What stood out to me most was the chandelier just because of how long they took to sort out and be added to the fiber string. Me and somebody else counted every single bead to get the number 4304 and then I was told to separate the beads into groups of 45 which took me all of the morning to separate most of them but I ran out of containers so I left them in the workshop for them to be used and then I was going to separate the rest by 45 from getting the containers back but another day I was sent down to the workshop to separate the beads by size. Then the beads were counted onto each string fiber piece so that there were 30 large beads, 17 medium beads and 7 small beads. I also helped clean the fiber strings individually with soapy water in a bucket, a cloth and gloves. The chandelier took a long time to make, and other people had to mark out and cut out the wooden frame to the chandelier and attach the fiber string to the chandelier. The chandelier is more noticeable with the fairy lights but can be easily missed by an audience member. I’ve learned many skills from this course as a whole. I’ve learned how to work in a team and basic knowledge for every department but lighting and sound which I haven’t done yet. I have learnt how to have a meeting with the director, and I’ve learned lots more about the play the Beauty and the Beast. Also, I’ve improved my knowledge of making and ordering online fake food props. I’ve also improved my sewing by learning how to tie a knot at the end the thread and I’ve gotten better with sewing with practice. Also, I’ve improved my research skills in buying online props. Also, I’ve improved my organizing and patience from the chandelier beads. I’ve also improved my coursework skill by doing a website instead of a scrapbook. I would like to learn more about lighting and sound so I at least have a basic understanding of it and I would also like to learn more about being in stage management because I would like to specialize in it next year.

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