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Week 2

Prop making

Today we had prop making to introduce us to props and we started with making a simple candle. First, we had a toilet roll tube that we painted white which I painted over again so the brown roll wasn’t coming through. Then we got given electric tea light candles that run on batteries with an on and off on the bottom, which was too small to stay at the top, so I used gaffe tape around the tea light with multiple layers. After that I got a hot glue gun which I out a thin layer around the top to glue the tea light onto the roll then I used it to create the effect of wax dripping for decoration. Then I painted the hot glue which dried quickly. Also, it’s turned on by a pencil going up the tube to turn on the switch which was hard to do. If I was to do this differently, I would make the tape not stick out at the top. Then I got a sponge in the shape of a triangle which was going to be a cake bout last time I got two triangle sponges so I could make it look like jam and cream was in the middle. I mixed red and yellow to make brown which I used lots of to paint the sponge that absorbed the paint. Then I got a rectangle sponge which I wanted to turn into a Mr.Kippling lemon slice which I got a picture for from the internet. Then I mixed red and yellow to make a brown which I then added white and a drop of black to create a beige colour which a bit darker than the colour I wanted but I used it. After painting the beige sponge on I painted the white icing on and I was going to add yellow icing on top of the white once it dried but I ran out of time. Then we did a bit of Etracker on the computer which I set a targe to pass maths by going to lessons every Friday and practicing at home on maths watch which is a maths website. Then we did ladder safety which we were first explained about the basics that I knew from last year like don’t lean on a ladder and always have three points of contact on a ladder. Then we went outside where the ladder was moved and we got shown how to set it up by having two people carrying it then one person foots it while the other lifts it and extends it out so it creates an A shape. Then some people had a go going up while someone was footing it and I had a go going up and I went one step higher than last time then we got shown how to put it away which was similar to setting it up. Then we went inside the auditorium where we got shown the tallescope which is a ladder that goes straight up to climb with a basket up the top to work in and it also has wheels. First you pulled a red rope to extend the tallescope height then two hooks automatically attach then you attach two more hooks manually, Then you move the outriggers by folding them out and adjusting the with a pin that goes in and out which used to make to outriggers barely float above the ground. It needs four people a person in the basket, two people footing and moving and one of the tutors who need to be in the room and watch if anything is in the way before moving the tallescope.


Research image from online ---->

Cake I made ---->


1.                            2.                          3.

4.                           5.                          6.

Ladder  and tallescope saftey


<---- Tallescope

Manual handling 

Today we were learning about manual handling which means to move or hold a load so lifting objects of any weight. It is important to keep your back straight when going up or down to lift or put down anything because over a long period of time you will get back pain or even worse you could get Musculoskeletal disorder which is when you hurt all over especially in the joints. When lifting you keep a straight back and squat down with your legs while keeping your feet flat then you test how heavy the item is and if you could carry it if yes then stand up with a straight back like before. When walking keep the item to the chest so the weight is balanced and easier to carry then after a slow walk to where you want it to go you place it down with the same technique as lifting it up and finally putting it down gently onto the floor. Also try and prevent lifting as much weight by using a trolley to wheel the item along or get help from others to lift it with you. Then I lifted a stage weight and walked with it then I placed it back down while using the technique, but I went on my toes when putting the item down. Then we tried the technique again but with a stage box or an empty box and I had the empty box, but I had my legs not open wide enough, but I corrected it then I continued to lift it and put it down. After we did an online maths and English test, we found out that the Christmas show is going to be Beauty and the beast in traverse which means the audience is to the right and left like a cat walk which I knew from my drama GCSEs. Then we watched the real-life Beauty and the Beast film on Disney+. When watching it I noticed these locations used in the film a castle, a Ballroom, a small town, a library, a field, the inside of a normal house (Belle’s and her dads), a forest, a creepy mansion (the Beast’s), a prison in the Beast’s mansion and a pub. Also, I noticed these props used as the most important ones a fountain, bread, a platter of fish, a platter of cheese, a red rose, books, lots of flowers, pottery, horse carts, pen, paper, an old wind-up windmill ornament, barrels, laundry, a golden candle holder that can hold three candles, a golden clock, a teapot and a teacup, a blue vanity wardrobe, a blue cushioned footrest, a spitting pot found in old bars, coins, torches and a horse prison cart. I think the film had a good story but it I found the songs and parts of the story too slow paced for me so I got bored at some bits but the Christmas show would be shorter than the film and aimed at kids so it would be quicker paced. The film starts with a prince having a party at the palace with servant, dancers and guests and then an old women entered the place who wanted out of the rain, so she offered a rose to come in, but she was denied by the prince, so she turned the prince into a beast and everyone else into objects. The beast could only turn back into a human by making another human love him before all the rose petals fell off or he’ll be a beast forever. Then the story goes to Belle who lives in a small town with her dad and her dad went into the forest to get Belle a rose, but he got attacked by wolves, lost the horse cart then picked the rose from the mansion that the Beast lived in, so he ended up in jail while the horses ran back to Belle. So, then Belle gets on the returned horse and replaces the dad as prisoner in the mansion. After a while she saw that the Beast is gentle and nice, and the beast fell in love with belle. Back in the town the dad gets back but no one believes that a beast captured his daughter and calls him crazy then the beast lets Belle free to save her dad which she is also thought to be crazy then they believe them but want the beast dead. At the mansion the crowd gets chased away from the objects that were once human then the beast got shot and Belle admits her love which turns him back into a human with all the objects going back to humans too.

man hand.jpg

stage weights lifted

online image of technique



Beauty and the Beast movie

Planning the instillation project 

Today we got put into our groups for the installation project and we started to plan what set to make with the theme of “Altered reality” so first we looked up the meaning of it which was a “artificial experience” which can re-create any sense. We wanted a horror themed idea because when we’ll show off our sets it’ll be near Halloween. So, our first idea was Dementia where there was a soundscape of a person’s thoughts with it so things like who are you and where am I and it’s in an old people care people. Then we thought a similar idea but with schizophrenia in a school and a person imagines sights and sounds that aren’t there. Also, they think everyone is talking about them with a soundscape of heaving breathing in the background. Another idea we had was another Asperges which is a syndrome, and their senses are in overload in a street with bright lights, cars, people talking in the background and surrounded by people. Then we thought of a completely different idea about a portal into a tv universe with something coming out of the tv then we had the idea to have a tv proscenium arch around the set. Then we thought that the tv needed to have video game on which first we thought Mario because it’s well known then we went for Slenderman which is a horror game. We looked up images online and we thought to set it in a creepy foggy wood. Then we got told that Slenderman was a popular set which has been done by other students in previous years, so we wanted to be original and have another idea. Then our last idea was the black plague in modern times set in a hospital with white windows that you couldn’t see through, wheelchair, the black plague doctor, needles, clipboard and beds. Then we went into the prop store which we looked around in for possible prop and we thought we could use branches for the woods, clipboards for the hospital and the Rumpelstiltskin puppet to turn into our own character. Then we learnt a bit about safety in the workshop but first we tried to guess what items on the table were under a bit of paper with a number on it so you wrote down all the number and then started to guess what it was. I got 9 out of 12 correct. Workshop tools, equipment 1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 drill bit 5 screw 6 nut and bolt 7 file 8 hinge 9 metal wire/rope 10 chisel 11 washers 12 drill bits Then we got told that if someone is using a machine don’t enter the yellow box on the floor in case you bump into them by accident-causing injuries. One of the machines has a tube above a below it to get all the wood dust while wood is being cut it’s sucked into a storage bag that is emptied ever few months. The wood cutter also has a stick to push the wood through so that your hands never go near the spinning blade. A different machine that cuts metal has an exhaust pipe that is connected to the ceiling that is movable and it suck out all of the dangerous gasses made from the machine. When using tools there are two types of goggles ones like glasses and ones that are bigger with a strap on them. Most of the time the glasses goggles are needed but for things like cutting metal the strap goggles are needed. There are also ear defenders that block out loud sounds to use the machines easier or if you’re working in the same area as someone using the machine, but the ear defenders can also be dangerous because it makes you less aware of your surroundings and sometimes the machines can’t be heard so you don’t know if the machine is off or not.






Workshop saftey

Week 2

Weekly evaluation  2

This week I have developed my skill of making props by making a candle and cakes. Also, I’ve learned about ladder and tallescope safety which I’ve done before but was still good to go over again to make me remember it more. I have learned about manual handling and how to safely move items without long term damage on joints, muscles or my back. I watched The Beauty and the Beast to improve my knowledge on the story of the Christmas show. I started to plan the instillation project in my group, and I learned about safety in the workshop. I solved the problem of not having the right colour brown for the sponge of my cake which I did by mixing my own brown paint. First, I mixed red and yellow to get brown, but it was too dark, so I added white then the smallest drop of black paint to create my light beige brown. The skill of mixing paint is useful for making props that needed to be painted a colour that we don’t have like a skin colour. I have improved on my knowledge of The Beauty and the Beast story by watching the film. I didn’t like the songs because they were too slow for me, so I got bored, but the story was interesting. Also, before I watched the film, I thought that the Beast was born a beast nut he was turned into one and he use to be a human. This knowledge is useful for the Christmas show so I know the story better and what type of story it is. I can improve on my instillation project plan by thinking of more props to use in the sets. Also, to think of a prop to make for the project. When we looked for props in the props store, we couldn’t think of many also the needs to have at least one prop made by a person. I have researched photos for the instillation project design ideas to inspire us to come up with more ideas and to give us a visual idea to help think of the set. Also, I researched the meaning of altered reality, dementia, schizophrenia and asperger to help come up with ideas too. I also researched for an image of a Mr Kipling lemon slice cake, so I knew what one looked like as I painted it. Also, I found an image online that shows the technique for manual handling lifting to put in my logbook.

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