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The list of dance song for act 1 and 2

Today I was given two sheets of paper that had the name and order of every dance song for act 1 and act 2 and there same two sheets I had 3 copies of to put up on the dressing room walls and stage door. So, I got blue tack from a drawer in design and then in dressing room 1 I put it on the wall and then for dressing room 2 I put it on the notice board with a pin and then I used blue tack to attach the sheets to the stage door that isn’t meant to be used. Then I went into the auditorium where I helped lighting and sound. Then I got told to grab 8 XLR wires which I wasn’t sure what they were at first and they were red wires on the floor in the control room above the auditorium, so I got 8 XLR wires that I gave to the lighting and sound tutor. Then I some things that were being used for the lighting from one side of the seating bank to the other that I got told to put on a black case with wheels on. Then I moved the nuts and bolts that were on the floor to the workshop where they live which were in tray drawers. After watching sound sort out the mics and song volume from the speakers for one of the songs me and another moved the 4 black stage boxes from the corridor to the stage which I moved 2 of in 2 trips. Then I went back into my seat to watch while I made notes. Then me and others in my department looked around the auditorium floor to look for any dangerous items left out like screws on the floor or a left out tool which nothing dangerous was found. When the sound for a song called candy store was being sorted out instead of singing and dancing, they were standing still and singing to save their energy since they stopped, started and repeated some bits multiple times. Then the dancers did the dance moves as well as the singing a couple of times to check if the sound works properly. Then the dancers left for a while so that some lights could be removed, and I was footing someone on a ladder from the lighting and sound department which I did by having a foot on a ladder step and two hands on the ladder apart from hen they were going on or off the ladder. Then I footed someone else on a tallescope that had another person footing it on the other side and when the person at the top said to move the tallescope we turned the breaks off and we slowly moved it while looking above and on the floor for anything that could be in the way of it moving and then after we are told to stop we both put the brakes back on by pushing down on a metal lever on each wheel. Then the dancer came back, and I watched the sound get sorted out for the song Alexander Hamilton. Then I went into the corridor, and I removed the tape that was on the props table which marked and labelled where each prop goes from the Beauty and the Beast show and then I put the ball of tape into the bin.


Dressing room 1

Dressing room 2

Stage door

Helping lighting and sound

XLR wire.jpg

Image found online of XLR wire

Tray drawers of nuts and bolts 

Watching and moving stage boxes


Watching the mic plot

Stage boxes moved into auditorium

Candy store

Helping the lighting and sound department


Tallescope that I footed and put back

Alexander Hamilton and props table

Props table with tape removed


Ball of tape that I removed from table

Glow taping the auditorium

Today I was putting down glow tape in the auditorium in places that could be dangerous if it’s not seen in dark like a wire taped to the floor and lights in the wings which are hot, and they could be dangerous during a black out and a dancer could trip over them and get injured. So, I went behind the curtains and with the glow tape and scissors and started to cut small pieces off that I stuck the wire taped on the floor and then I put glow tape on the plug and wires sticking out from the walls. Then I put glow tape on white gaffa tape that was surrounding the lights in the wings, and I also put a small bit of tape on each side of the lights in the wings. Then a student put down white gaffa tape on the floor behind the curtains on each side of the thin walkway for the dancers to walk between, so they don’t run into a light and then I put down small bits of glow tap across both of the tape lines which took a while to do. Then I put glow tape on the white gaffa that marked where the speakers were going to be placed. Then someone from the lighting and sound department was going to plug in a birdie to add some light behind the curtains which I helped with by moving the ladder with having a person each side as he leaded where the ladder was going to be placed. Before it was moved, we had to fold up the A frame ladder to carry it easier, so I footed one side of the ladder as the other person moved the other side towards me that he locked it in place and then he footed it as I slowly put the ladder down onto the floor to be moved. After it was moved someone else helped him set up the ladder and foot him as he went up it. Then I got told to grab a chain for the birdie, which was either in the control room or lighting, so I went to look in the control room and it wasn’t there and then I looked in the lighting store where I found it and gave it the student in lighting and sound. Then I got a broom and I swept the auditorium floor because some of the dancers were going to have no shoes on with bare feet. After I finished sweeping, I grabbed a dustpan and brush that I used to put the piles of dirt into the bin.


Behind curtains 

Before                                        After

Glow taped plug

Glow taped lights 


Moving a ladder and grabbing a chain

Ladder after moved

chain for lighting birdie_edited.jpg

Chain for birdie light image I found online

Sweeping the auditorium

Watching the dancers

Today I activated the glow tape for the dancers who were coming in to dance for the lighting plot which I did by putting the torch light onto each piece of glow tape behind the curtains for roughly 10 seconds. This only needs to be done to the glow tape behind the curtain because there is less light there to absorb and slowly get released. I also watched the lighting get plotted and I saw some of the dances too. Then I got called for my tutorial where I got told that I had good punctuality and attendance also I got told that my course work was good, and I got a Merit. To reach a distinction I need to improve my prop making skills that includes using scissors, scalpels, painting finer details and some other things as well. I then set my target on the website Moodle to improve my initiative by doing tasks without being asked like activating the glow tape and sweeping also to spot hazards to prevent them from happening like moving the tree branches out of the way so that actors don’t fall over them.

One of the dances I was watching

My tutorial

Weekly evaluation 2

This week I have put the song list on the dressing room’s walls and on the stage door, grabbed XLR wires and some other lighting things, moved nuts and bolts to the workshop, watched the mic plot, moved stage boxes to auditorium, footed someone on a ladder, footed someone on the tallescope, removed tape from the props table, put down glow tape in the auditorium, moved a ladder with another person, swept the auditorium floor, watched the dancers and I got my tutorial. I solved the problem of the auditorium being dangerous to run in during black outs by putting down pieces of glow tape behind the curtains and around the lights at ground level. Me and everyone in the stage management department were putting down tape to make it safer but some people had white gaffa tape to put around the lights and behind the curtains for the glow tape to go on. This has improved my skill of spotting hazards and where to place glow tape while not wasting too much of it as it is expensive, which is useful for acting and dance shows. I have improved on my knowledge of some of the songs and dances used for the dance show by watching the MTs who are singing at dancing the whole song to make sure that the mics are working. It is useful to know more information about the show, especially for acting shows that need props to be made or bought. I can improve on my initiative by doing tasks without being asked to like activating the glow tape which I got as some of my feedback from my tutorial which I set as my target on Etracker. Doing things without being asked prevents hazards from happening and is more efficient for when the tutors are too busy to tell me what to do also this would be a useful skill for s job in technical theatre. This week I did research on an XLR wire so that I could put an image of one on my coursework because I didn’t get a picture of what I grabbed before a gave it to the lighting and sound tutor. Also, I researched a chain link used on lights when they are rigged because I grabbed one of those for a lighting and sound student, but I didn’t get a picture of one.

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