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Week 3

Apples and grapes

Today I opened the packaging of the fake apple and grape and the apples were very good and realistic for the price. I removed the packaging with scissors. Then I put the apples into the basket with hay in, but they were too loose, and they were going to be dance with, so I emptied everything out and I put styrofoam in the bottom then I put the hay back in. Then I grabbed cocktail sticks which I put in the apples then stabbed the other side of the stick into the styrofoam hidden underneath the hay. For two of the apples, I attached the stick to another apple instead of the styrofoam so it looked like the apples were stacked on top of each other. The grapes were going to be attached to the basket by a string. Then I got grey paint and a sponge which I used on the dead flowers leaves and petals while I was doing that, I made sure to not add too much grey onto the flower then I added a bit of grey onto the half dead flowers leaves. Then I stuck the grey stuff onto a pink sponge so that it was higher up and more visible on the tray which I did with double sided sticky tape. After I put the grey stuff on a tray, I put back items that don’t need back into the prop store. What I put back was lanterns, oversized matches, trays, brushes, an old camera, a sieve, some old looking cups and a crate. The box with easter eggs in was going to go back but there wasn’t enough room on the shelves. Then I cut the labels off from the beanies that were bought to be attached to the wolf masks with scissors then I Researched “Turkey dinners” to see what went on the plate to go around the turkey and there were mainly herbs and grapes, so I was going to make green beans from air drying clay. First, I ripped off pieces of the clay into smaller pieces which I rolled into a rough ball and then I rolled it against the table, so they were long and skinny. Then I repeated that until I had lots of green beans which needed to harden so it couldn't go around the turkey yet.


Apples in packaging

Grapes in packaging

The finished fruit basket

Dead flowers and grey stuff


Dead flower leaves and petals

Half dead flower


Grey stuff stuck to sponge

Double sided sticky tape to grey stuff

Putting things back into the prop store

Box of props put back in prop store


Crate put back into the prop store

Beanies and green beans

Turkey dinner image found online


The turkey prop

Air drying clay green beans before

Air dying clay green beans after

Hot gluing green beans

Today I hot glued the green beans on the plate around the turkey, but I ran out of green beans to go all the way round and we had no more green air drying clay left so some is going to be bought another day. I then hot glued a decorational plant to the top of the turkey. Then I put a brown wash on the crate which the books were going in and a wash is a mixture of brown paint and water. I painted the washer on the top and sides then I waited for it to dry. When it dried, I painted the inside and the gaps on the sides. When the inside dried, we put 3 big pieces of Styrofoam into the bottom, but a piece was too big, so I got a hot wire cutter, and I gently moved the wire down as it melted through the Styrofoam. Then I put double sides sticky tape on the bottom of the Styrofoam which got stuck into the crate bottom. Then hay went on top and painted Styrofoam books made by someone else went in which I thought would need to be attached with cocktail sticks, but it was so tightly packed in that the fake books wouldn't move. Also, I cut one of the Styrofoam painted books, so it fitted in the last gap. Then I unthreaded the fabric on the prototype wolf mask with a seam ripper which I borrowed for costume, and I knew how to use it from last year. Then I removed a logo sewn onto 2 of the beanies with the seam ripper. Then I got yellow air drying clay which I rolled into a ball and then I rolled it against the table to create long thin yellow icing fondant for a cake. Then I got give cogs for clockworths costume which I painted gold with a normal and thin brush. When the paint dried the silver could be seen through the paint so I painted another gold layer on. When it dried I then added a 3rd layer of paint that looked a lot better than the first layer of paint.


Turkey with hot glued green beans

Ran out of green beans to go around plate

Making a crate of books


1. Not painted side of the crate


2. Painted outside

3. Painted inside

4. Used hot wire cutter

5. Add in styrofoam

6. Add in books

Removing sewing


Seam ripper tool used

Wolf mask with removed fabric

Before logos removed

After logos removed

Yellow cake fondant

Painting cogs

Yellow air drying clay


Cake for it to be added to

Cogs before painted


1st layer of paint


3rd layer of paint


Hot gluing flowers to a cake

Today I hot glued air drying clay small yellow flowers onto a cake which was hot glued to a plate that had bumps on the hot glue to indicate where to hot glue the flowers. I did this around the bottom of the cake. Then I got the 5 napkins we had, and I ironed them in costume and one side was only needed to be ironed not both. After I laid one out and ironed it I folded it then I put it into a pile to iron the next napkin. Then we started to make the wolf masks which was fake fur hot glued onto a beanie with long fabric strips sewn onto an elastic strip that was sewn on to the back of the beanie that also had the wolf mask sewn onto the front by the ears. I then cut 1 strip of elastic after 12 holes then I lined it up with the roll to cut another 12 pieces the same size with fabric scissors. Then I grabbed an elastic strip with fabric strips attached with pins that I sewed. When I threaded the needle, I double threaded it and a tied a knot in the end which I struggled with a bit at first but after a couple of times I successfully tied the knot. The fabric pieces couldn’t be sewn in one go otherwise the elastic wouldn’t stretch so I would need to secure it and cut a new piece of thread for every fabric strip on the elastic. Me and a couple of others were sewing the fabric onto the elastic strips and we ended the day with having 5 elastic strips left to sew fabric onto.


Flowers hot glued to cake

The whole cake ---->

Ironing napkins


Iron I used on heat proof pad

Napkin laid out on ironing board

Sewing fabric for the wolf mask


Hot glued fur to beanie

Elastic strips I cut

Fabric sewn to elastic strip


Sewing on elastic strip

Pile of finished fabric on elastic strips

Week 3 (2)

Weekly evaluation 3

This week I have made a fruit basket, made dead flowers and half dead flowers, grabbed and put back items to props store, stuck grey stuff to sponge and tray, made green beans to go around the turkey, painted a crate, added styrofoam and books to the crate, removed sewing in the beanies, made yellow fondant string for a cake, painted cogs from silver to gold, moved a stage box, sorted out the paint drawer, prepared wolf masks for next weeks, hot glued yellow fondant flower, ironed napkins and I started to sew fabric to elastic strip. I solved the problem of having a messy paint drawer which I solved by taking everything out and then I separated the paint bottles. After that I separated the paint by colour then by metalic, water colour and acrylic paint. This took a while to do, especially emptying out the drawer. This is very useful for grabbing paint of a specific colour on a specific material instead of searching in a pile of paint in a drawer. I have improved on my sewing skills by learning and after a few attempts tying a knot on the end of the thread even though I had been in costume for a term I didn’t need to tie a knot in the thread because I mainly sewed labels into the actors costumes which I did by sewing over the same bit 3 times to begin then normal sewing in the middle and I sewed over the same bit 3 times to secure it before I cut the left over thread off . Sewing is a useful skill to know because if a costume broke during a show a person working in the costume department wasn’t around, I could sew it so that I fix the costume. I can improve on making the wolf masks by trying to finish all 13 of them with help from others in stage management. We have an axe to fix, tree branches to paint glow in the dark and the wolf mask to finish so not that much is left to do. I have researched an image of a turkey because something needed to go around the plate with the turkey on, but I wasn’t sure what went on the plate which I discovered were grapes or berries, herbs and green beans so I decided to make green beans. Also, a big 16th century flag is used a prop and we ordered a French flag online, but it was the modern flag which wasn’t the flag because it was before the revolution, so we looked up online what the pre revolution French flag was that was then ordered, and the modern flag order was cancelled.

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