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The lighting plot

In the morning the flat pack boxes had arrived so I removed the plastic wrapping on it. Then I was being a walker for the lighting and sound plot, so I stood where I was told where the light was, and I was mainly on the stage decks which were going to be the bedroom. Then I kneeled on the side of the centre stage deck with some others kneeling and standing on the stage deck. I also watched the lights being plotted while the lighting and sound team talked to the director to see what she wants and if they like it. Then I went into the studio with some stapled bits of paper that had on it what props were in each of the 8 boxes. When I went in there all of the props were scattered all over the room and most of the boxes had nothing in it so I looked at what items went inti box 2 and then I put the props in the box, but I couldn’t find the wire hair band. I was putting the props into the correct box with other people in stage management and we were missing a lot of the clothes and a PlayStation controller which I found behind the curtain. Then I looked for the props that went into box 8 and I found all of the props for box 8. Then we put some of the props that we weren’t sure which box they went into a new box to sort out later. Then I watched the lighting plot while doing some coursework on my phone.


Flat pack boxes unwrapped

Projection screens attached to frame I painted black

Layout of set I drew on 

Moving the props into the correct boxes

Props I put into box 2


List of props to go in box 2


Sorting out the props table

Today me and someone else were sorting out the props table and I had the tape that boxed in where the prop went on the table and the other person had masking tape that they wrote on it what the prop was. Then we moved the boxes underneath the bedroom stage decks. Then the actors had mics put on and they were doing the preshow while lighting and sound were sorting things out with the director. While I was watching I was noting down which props start where and instead of using upstage right and left I put down near the stage door and not near the stage door because it was in the round and usually upstage is the back of the stage from the audience’s view but there was an audience view on every side.


Right side of props table

Left side of props table

Close up of props table

Making prop notes

Prop notes of where props are at show beginning


Watching the level 2 show Rehearsals

Today I did some course work then I watched the level 2 show where I made notes with a pen and notepad as I watched. In the start of the show two of the actors are carers while the rest of the actors are elderly and every elderly actor had a chair to sit on, a blanket, a teacup and a saucer. The two carers had a teapot each also the tea was brought in on a trolley which was from the old canteen in college. At the end of this scene the actors carry the chairs off stage and in the background of this scene there was an armchair too. Another scene was about weddings and four actors had a wedding dress but then one of them had the dress taken away and he was told that he would have a white baby onesie. Then in the same scene wedding photos are shown on a screen for the actor to look at and then actors came in with white frames but 6 out of 11 of them had wooden panels as a temporary replacement and one of the actors didn’t have a frame or wooden panel so they mimed having one, so we need 5 more white frames. Then in the next scene an actor enters while dancing on the trolley with two actors moving it and then they spin the trolley in a circle while the actor was dancing on it which seemed very dangerous, and I could see the trolley bending a bit from the weight. I also watched a scene where real leaves were being thrown by multiple actors but for the show the fabric leaves, we have will be used also we need to test to see if the leaves could be used in the snow machine but if that doesn’t work the director is okay with the actors throwing them. The show is meant to be serious and about Dementia, but it was too slow paced for me.

Actors rehearsing scene with chairs, blankets, teacups and more

Actor dancing on trolley in rehearsals


Notes that I made while watching


Weekly evaluation 3

This week I have unwrapped the flat pack boxes, watched Brainstorm rehearsals, moved correct props into correct boxes, sorted out props table, noted down where props go, did coursework at college and I watched the level 2 show. I solved the problem of not having the props organized on the props table which I solved by taping down squares on the table for each prop and then someone else put labels in the squares. This was an important job to do otherwise the actors wouldn’t know where to grab and put back their props and we would have a harder time checking if all of the props were there. I have improved on my knowledge of the level 2 show called Somebody I used to know by watching the rehearsals since there wasn’t anything I could do for Brainstorm I started to watch and help out the level 2 show. I know a lot than what I did before I watched the rehearsals. This is a serious piece about dementia set in an old folks home also this show has been collaborated with some actual old folks homes. I can improve on my knowledge of the props needed for the level 2 show even though I know some of the props that they will be using, I’m not sure if there’s any that I need to make or research to order online.

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