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Watching the Maulin Rouge lighting plot

Today I was watching the lighting plot for a dance song in the Maulin Rouge musical, and the lighting was mainly red but also some dark blue, purple and yellow was used. The female dancers were wearing heels and some of them go up the stairs behind the curtains and they got told to hold onto the railing and to be careful. Some of the dancer go onto the higher platform during this song. Also, at some point we need to look at the glow tape in the dark to make sure that it glows and that there is enough of it on the stairs so it’s as safe as possible. After I did some coursework, I watched the lighting plot for the Addams family dance which our gravestones were used in. At the beginning of the song the dancers carried on the gravestones that we made on stage and my one was placed upstage left. The song had the catchy tune made from finger clicks in the song and it was also a happier song than I was expecting. At backstage centre of the stage there was a prop Addams family big gate that construction made which wasn’t painted yet.


Maulin Rouge lighting behind temporary DSM and lighting desk

Watching the Addams Family lighting plot

Addams Family lighting with unpainted gate and gravestones


Lion king the musical research

Today I did research on the lion king musical because a song in the dance show is from it and the first showing of it was on the 8th of July 1997 in the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. The musical is based off of the film, but the musical has some additional storylines, and they changed the gender of the character Rafiki from a male to a female since there weren’t any female leading roles. When the musical is performed the actors use animal puppets and dress in either black or their animal to blend in so the character is seen as an animal not a human actor. Then I researched Moulin Rouge the musical because one of the dance songs was from it and I found out that the show was on the 25th of July 2019 in the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. The musical is set in Montmartre Quarter of Paris, France in the beginning of the 20th century. The story is about a boy called Christian who is a composer and he fall in love with an actress called Satine who is a star at a nightclub called Moulin Rouge.


Moulin Rouge the musical research

Online image of a Lion King the musical 

Online images of Moulin Rouge the musical


Weekly evaluation 3

This week I watched the dancers dance to a song from the musical Moulin Rouge for the lighting plot, watched the dancers dance to a song from Addams Family the musical, saw my gravestone being used on stage, researched about lion king the musical and I researched about Moulin Rouge the musical. I solved the problem of not knowing much information about the king musical and Molin Rouge musical because in the dance show there’s a song in it from the lion king musical and there’s another song from the Moulin Rouge musical. I have improved on my knowledge of the dance show song by watching some of the dances as the lights were being plotted. Also, the Addams Family song was a happier sounding song than I thought it would be because the characters are meant to be creepy. I can improve on making backstage safer by adding more glow tape and activating it for the dress rehearsals and shows. This week I have researched the lion king musical since a song from it is being used in the dance show and I also researched Moulin Rouge the musical.

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