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Putting props back

Today I helped move all of the props that were in the auditorium onto a stage deck and all of the costume pieces went into a washing basket on a Chair for costume to sort out. The I moved some of the boxes onto the props table and underneath the props table in the corridor. Then we moved some of the props into other boxes to make empty boxes to organize things into. Then I looked through the boxes separating books, folders, props for hair, cuddly toys and rubbish. Then I helped move the prop boxes into design. Then I moved the spinning chair with no wheels into design where I put it on it's side and I attached the wheels back on just by pushing them in. Them I moved the chair back into costume where it was grabbed from before the show. Then I moved the cuddly toys box into the prop store and into the cuddly toys box and then I brought the box back. Then I helped construction by removing tape from the set which was used instead of paint on the white panels. The tape was black gaffa and it went from on the centre platform to all over the set. Then I moved some of the stage deck to on it’s side with another persona and then I removed the legs with a podger. After the legs were removed, me and someone else moved the stage deck to outside and this was repeated with a couple of stage decks. Then I grabbed the trolley and moved some items like old wood into the trolley which I used to move to the skip which I put them in and then I moved the trolley back to where I found it which was near the props table. Then I went back to design where we removed parts of a frame and then we sanded down the frames with sandpaper to be painted white for the level 2 show. Then I went down to construction where I painted 2 frames white. When the frames were dry, I painted a second layer of paint onto it.


Props moved onto auditorium stage deck

Props moved onto and underneath props table

Attaching wheels


Before wheels attached

After wheels attached


Box that I moved of cuddly toys

Cuddly toys in prop store box

Moving cuddly toys

Helping construction


Black gaffa tape being removed from set

Removed gaffa tape from set

Painting frames white


Frames after parts removed and sanded

Frames after painted white

Getting more information about the dance show

Today I got given some more information about the dance show which the name and budget is not known for yet from the stage management tutor. One of the songs has something to do with the Adams family and 3 gravestones are wanted for 3 famly members that we haven't decided on the name yet which we were told would be carved from polystyrene. They also want to pretend to shoot a crossbow and then for a realistic looking duck with an arrow going through it to be dropped from the ceiling also they want a bowler hat and a bottle which lights up red with a button on the outside of it to turn the light on and ofThen I started to look at pictures of gravestones to design my own and after I looked for a bit I drew my design out.

Image I found online


My gravestone design I drew out

Moving props

Today I went into the big prop store where me and some others pulled out a green armchair, a prop explosive detonator, a gravestone and black chairs. Then I carried 2 of the black chairs down to the workshop to be painted by contruction. Also, these props are going to be used for the dance show. Then me and some others went down to an old music venue building which hadn’t been used in a year which has been planned to be knocked down to see if there anything worth grabbing. In the building stage management got an old hammer, a first aid kit, a piano for the level 2 show, a skull shaped glass, a beer glass, unopened paper coke a cola cups, a whiskey box, a baby’s toy, a tripod, 2 boxes to paint for the level 2 show and an old instrument like a flat and small harp. I carried the hammer, the baby’s toy, the tripod, the paper cups and the boxes. Then I went back into design where I painted PVA glue onto the plastic puzzle pieces which are going to be hung from the ceiling with fishing wire. I painted the glue onto the white, black and grey coloured puzzle pieces. When I was painting the glue onto the white ones it was hard to tell what had been painted and what hadn’t. After I put glue onto the top and sides, I had to wait for all of them to dry and then I flipped them over and I put glue onto the bottom of them. Then I removed some old bits of paper stuck to wooden protest signs from an old show for the music students to put what they want onto them for the music show which is after the dance show. Then I did some research for black, dark grey and green face paint by a company called Snazeroo for a song in the dance show and first I looked on amazon where I found a pack of multiple colours for £13.74 but it was the wrong thing. Then I looked at the company’s website where I found separate 18ml tins of face paint for £5.20 or 75ml ins for £13.85. Then I found a bundle where you could pick any 4 colours for £28.23 .

Props grabbed from big prop store

Grabbing more props


some of the props I grabbed

Putting PVA glue onto puzzle pieces


Glue painted onto puzzle  pieces

PVA glue I used on puzzle pieces with paint brush

Researching face paint

Amazon face paint

Snazeroo face paint bundle

Helping construction

Today I helped construction while I waited for the level 2 actors to finish warming up by using a podger on a stage deck on it’s side to remove the poles and the I went back and forth to grab poles and move them in the auditorium. Then I went to watch and write down notes in the last level 2 show rehearsal. I also got told by the stage management tutor to give them a box of props that they wanted which included 7 stick which will have balloons on for the show, some forget me not purple flowers and an album with blank bits of card in. The album was then used in a scene where it was passed around the actors as they each pull out a card and then turn the page where another card is on for the next actor, but the cards kept on falling out of the album, so another techie grabbed some bluetack to attach the cards to the page while I counted how many cards there were and there was 19 cards. After the bluetack was put under each card it was given back to the actors and then they continued to practice with it. Then I moved the frames that we painted white into the rehearsals. A bit later on the director was saying to the actors about how the boxes were being painted but then we said that they were done so me and someone else went down to the workshop to grab as many boxes as possible that I took down to the rehearsal room and the I did this a couple more times until all of the boxes were down there. Then I grabbed the prop radio which they left in the studio when they moved rooms for construction to start making their set.


Poles that I helped move

Watching the last level  rehearsal

White frames I moved from workshop


Looking for paint

Then I moved the prop explosive detonator to the workshop because it need to be painted red again because a black symbol was painted onto it from a previous show, Then I looked to see if we had any red paint and first I found a red paint can that had black paint in and then I found some red paint but it was a dark red paint which we didn't want.

Prop explosive detonator


Red paint that was too dark

Weekly evaluation 5

This week I moved all of the prop in the auditorium onto the props table, moved all the props into design, bin or prop store, re attached wheels to office chair, helped remove tape from Brainstorm set, sanded and painted frames, researched and drew gravestone design, grabbed props from big prop store, grabbed items from abandoned music venue inn college to use as props, painted PVA glue onto puzzle pieces, researched face paint prices, helped move poles into auditorium, watched last level 2 rehearsal and looked for paint to use on prop explosive detonator. I solved the problem of the props being in the way of construction starting to take apart the level 2 set to start making the dance show set which I did by moving all of the props and costume pieces into the backstage corridor on the prop table. Then I organized the props by books and folder, hair props, cuddley toys and what’s going in the bin. I found the easiest way to separate them was by looking for all of one type of prop and moving it into an empty box then repeating that but with another empty box and a different type of prop. Then I moved the props into the props store near other props similar to it. I have improved on my ability to help construction by wearing work gloves to get a better grip and hurt my hands less when carrying a heavy object. I also helped construction move poles and remove tape from the Brainstorm set this week. I can improve by adding less PVA glue when I’m painting PVA glue on a prop so that it dries quicker which I learnt that I add too much glue from when I painted the glue onto the puzzle pieces for the level 2 show. This week I researched face paint from a brand called Snazeroo for the dance show. First, I started looking on amazon where I for a pack of multiple colours for £13.74 but it was the wrong thing. Then I found the website that was made by the Snazeroo company, and I found separate tins of colours with 18ml for £5.20 or a 75ml tin for £13.85. Then I found a bundle where you can pick any 4 colours for £28.23.

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