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Activating glow tape

Today I activated glow tape for the dancers to rehearse but with a torch instead of my phone torch which was a lot quicker because the torch was brighter, and it had a wider range of light compared to a phone torch. I activated the tape on the stairs, on the railings, on the floor, on the wires, and on the poles. Then I grabbed a broom, and I swept up the floor, so the dancers don’t step on anything because some of the dancers are bare foot. Then I used a dustpan and brush. Then me, the other students and the stage management tutor talked about safety, and we had a sheet of paper with questions like you see a dancer injured on stage and it’s in the wings. Before a show you need to identify risks the dance and some of these risks are being bare feet and stepping on something, bashing into something backstage in the dark, the door slamming on other dancers and dancers that have asthma having trouble breathing. We can mitigate these risks by sweeping the floor before each tech and show by sweeping the floor before each tech and show and checking if anything is on the floor like screws and picking them up if there is. Another way to mitigate risk is to place down white gaffer tape and glow tape backstage so the dancers can see the risks also the glow tape needs to be activated before the tech and show and during the interval. Glow tape is activated by shining a light onto the glow tape that it absorbs and then slowly releases. Also, during each tech and show there’s a person opening and closing the backstage door, so the door doesn’t make a loud slam, too much haze doesn’t escape, the door isn’t slammed onto a dancer and to make sure the dancers aren’t being too loud when the door is open. Also, all of the asthma pumps that the dancers use are in a box in a quick to grab place for techies or dancers. For these precautions we need white gaffer tape, glow tape, scissors, something that produces light like a torch, a dustpan and brush and a broom. Also, people are needed to put down white gaffer tape in any dangerous spots, activate glow tape before and during the intervals of techs and shows, sweep the floor with a broom, clean up the dirt pile with a dustpan and brush and for someone to open and close the backstage door. Then we went through what to do in certain situations and if a dancer is injured in the wings, then you find the nearest member of staff and tell them. If a prop breaks mid show, you first check when the prop is needed next and if there’s enough time fix it with gaffer tape or hot glue. If a mic is loose and you don’t know how to fix it get someone who can. If a costume is lost or needs fixing, try and find someone from costume but if you can’t find anyone then you find or fix it yourself. If an audience member is filming, then you tell a member of staff who will tell the front of house who will sort it out. If a lamp blows tell a member of staff and try to tell if the glass on the floor or if the light has just stopped working. Then it’s up to the staff to make the decision of getting us to quickly sweep up the glass then continue, stopping the show because of the glass or continuing the show with a broken light if there’s no glass also if the fire alarm goes off you leave the building and go to the fire meeting spot on grass and then answer your name when the staff is calling the register.

Going through saftey during tech and a show

Topics that were talked about


Tech week

Throughout this week I helped with two dress rehearsals, two shows and I helped with a rehearsal that was being recorded so there were a few pauses, and a few songs were danced to multiple times. Before the dress rehearsal I looked at a list on a wall that had all of the props on it that should be on the props table, so I looked at the list and then I checked if all the props were there, and they were. Then I went into the auditorium where I swept the floor so the dancers that are bare feet don’t step on anything and then someone else used a dustpan and brush on the piles I made while I activated the glow tape with my torch. Then during the dress rehearsal two big mirrors needed to be moved from the stage to in the studio so the dancers move the mirror to the side of the seating bank and then two techies move one of the mirrors while I held open the two doors for it to be out of the auditorium then I hold open the door for the studio as they move the mirror into the studio and then I do the same thing again while the two techies move the 2nd mirror. When it was the interval, I looked on the floor for anything dangerous like a screw and then I activated the glow tape and then got rid of some of the big knots on the black string which was across the back. Then a bit later on two big prison bars needed to be moved but they didn’t fit through the door since it’s too tall, so they were carried sideways, and I held open the doors. Then during the show, I was opening and closing the doors for the dancers for the first act and then someone took over for the second act so I could help hold the doors open for the techies moving the prison cells. Also, during the second act one of the dancers came out of the backstage doors and said that a dancer was having a panic attack next to the stairs so then I walked into a different room to find the closest staff member and then I told the dance choreographers who sorted it out.

Helping with the dress rehearsal


The props table


The two prison cells sideways

Back of one of the two mirrors

The show

Spraying WD-40

Then I sprayed some WD-40 around the bottom of the handle of the detonator in workshop so the handle goes up and down easier and then I moved the handle up and down a few times to get the WD-40 working. Then I did some research on the next acting show which is called Vintage Hitchcock- A Radio Play and I found the poster that the college is using for the show and tickets are already available to book. This play is based on a film that was based on a novel and the author wanted to invite the audience to an experience of live 1940s radio broadcasts which was the golden age of the old time radio. Also, when this play was being made rehearsals were only heard on an MP3 file. This play was written by Joe Laundry and there was four men and three women who played over 35 characters.


The WD-40 spray can

The detonator

Vintage Hitchcock- A Radio Play research

Websites I used to find information on the play

The poster for the next show


Weekly evaluation 5

This week I activated glow tape for a dance rehearsal, swept the floor for the dance rehearsal, then I went through safety and what to do in certain situations for a dance show, I helped with dance dress rehearsals and shows, checked props, activated glow tape, swept the floor, helped move mirrors, helped move prison cells, helped move gate, moved a sofa, held doors open, removed big knots in string, I sprayed WD-40 around a prop detonator handle and I researched the next show that I’ll be helping with. I solved the problem of a staff member not knowing that a dancer was having a panic attack backstage and I found this out from a dancer leaving through the door saying that a dancer was having a panic attack near the stairs so I then searched for the nearest staff member which was the dance choreographers then after I told them they sorted it out. Knowing what to do if a dancer does have a panic attack is very important for safety and is useful to know. I have improved on knowing how to use WD-40 which I learnt from another student, and I sprayed the WD-40 on the prop detonator’s handle and then I moved the handle up and down until it was easier to move. I also had a look on the spray can where I learnt WD-40 can also be used to stop squeaks, drive out moisture, clean and protect items. I can improve on my knowledge of Alfred Hitchcock, foley sounds, radio plays and more information about the play that I’ll be helping with next. This week I researched the play I’ll be helping with next which is called Vintage Hitchcock- A Radio Play Show. I think this play will be interesting and having props that make sound effects will be a unique feature to this play not done very often in modern times.

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